DJ convidado – Alexandre Zee – 27/fev

24 02 2010
DJ Alexandre Zee, de Taubaté, faz parte do também do projeto Braziliam Soul Crew juntamente com DJ Edground e Claudio Mansur. Responsável pela cena inovadora de remixers no Brasil , possui uma forte influência Afro tech , passando pelo soulful e jazzy house grooves.

Em um set feito pro Rota 91 , você confere Alexandre Zee esse sabádo, 27 de fevereiro, no Rota 91.

Brazilian Soul Crew’s (B.S.C) quartet of Claudio Mansur, Edground, Alexandre Zee and Giuliano emerges to spread the vibe of quality music and its referential sub-genres of contemporary to vanguard, Brazilian, nu jazz, chill beats, r-grooves, Latin-Afro beats, deeply-jazzy and soulful house, all in the framework of their unique signature groove-laced harmonies. The seed of Brazilian Soul Crew roots bore fruit when Claudio, Edground and Zee met in Taubaté, a small historic city in the Paraíba valley, eighty miles North-East of São Paulo, Brazil. Edground, the Dj extradoinaire, and well read journalist who counts one of his blessings as ownership in world-respected Grooveland Music, a label exposing the soul of Brazil and its many intra-ethnic connections. Claudio “the radio show” man, did just that in the 90’s, when his infectious live mixes were heard on three radio stations. Zee, the technical brain of the trio, stems from the world of drivers, patches, workarounds, software and glitches. His religiosity to details gives us the fresh, crisp and warm Brazilian flavors that embodies each of their productions. Since formalizing their relationship as a group, they have released original gems on Conya Records and Symple Soul. Delicious deserts in the form of remixes are audio delicacies on labels such as Soundmen On Wax, Abicah Soul and Seed, just to name a few. Creative soul-centered music is the forward-looking path this trio now travels a path that leads to the center stage of the world’s heart.

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